How is this course unique?

At our training college, we do not limit our course curriculum to teaching just one theoretical model or style of clinical hypnotherapy. Students discover a range of styles and theoretical models, and how each is applied in practice. Remember, each of your clients will present with their own unique outlook and needs, and one size never fits all. Furthermore, we teach evidence-based interventions, including elements of cognitive behavioural therapy and Mindfulness based tools. We wish you to gain good psychological skills as well as excellent clinical hypnotherapy tools, so you can really help your clients well.

We will ensure you feel confident in your skills and feel supported during your journey to becoming a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. Any course can simply give you examples of hypnotherapy scripts for you to use with clients. However we wish you to gain the skills to create your own treatment programmes and scripts, so that you can really tailor-make each session to each client’s unique needs. Our approach is to give you the tools to work independently. Our educational aim is to equip each student with the confidence and inner belief to create a personal approach, using intuition to guide treatment decisions, rather than relying on a standard set of guidelines, learnt by rote.