How is the course structured?

The course consists of group instruction, through classroom learning, practical workshops and the hands on practice of your new clinical hypnotherapy skills. You will also have stimulating home study assignments and reading to complete. You will learn how to create hypnotherapy scripts and treatment plans for common challenges on which your future clients may wish to work.

The course combines theory and practice. You will learn underlying principles and theory, so that you will have the skills to create your own scripts and treatment plans. You will be encouraged and expected to use your new skills between teaching days. During the course there are also two formal practicums, during which you will see a volunteer client for three sessions. Following each session with your practice client, you will receive supervision. Supervision will help you improve and gain skills of self evaluation and reflection, which are important to be a successful practitioner, able to learn from each client you see and grow your skills.

Compulsory written home study assignments are an integral part of the course. You will also be expected to demonstrate personal study and that you have read books from the course reading list. Following monthly teaching days, you will receive a home assignment, which will include the creation of scripts and treatment plans for common challenges on which your future clients may wish to work. These will be topics such as smoking, weight loss, increasing confidence, phobias, nail biting or insomnia etc. You will also be expected to maintain a log or diary of your practical hypnotherapy experiences. The course also has a written assessment at its conclusion.

You will gain all you need to start seeing clients. This course will provide you with guidance for each stage of the process of seeing a client. Giving you guidance on how to maximise the first contact with a potential client, to assessing their needs, to planning your sessions, to having the confidence to improvise and use your intuition, and after sessions how to keep records and assess your client’s progress and your own progress as well. We aim to give you a training which is as complete as possible. We will also support you through the course and you can be in touch as much as you need between course units, by phone and email.