Emotional Eating & Weight Loss Coaching Certification Course





Is this training for you?

Would you like to help clients or patients overcome barriers to eating in an ordered way? Past students have included GPs, personal trainers, alternative therapists, hypnotherapists and coaches, nutritionists, and a psychiatrist. You may already advise on which nutritious and delicious foods to eat, how to exercise properly and the lifestyle changes needed to get slim and enjoy greater health. But how do you:

  • ensure your clients actually stick to your good advice?

  • help clients change perspective?

  • increase motivation for positive change?

  • change lifelong habits and limiting beliefs?

  • deal with binge eating, emotional eating, cravings and their causes, namely anxiety, stress and poor self-image?

Discover how to help clients identify and move towards overcoming psychological challenges which cause unbalanced eating, emotional eating, addictive eating patterns and binge eating and prevent maintaining a balanced weight.

  • "I want to say thank you! Your wonderful course was taught in a professional and effective manner. It was well organised; the material was clearly and well presented. You are an interesting and focused teacher. That we had a client and supervision to implement the material made it all come alive, moving from theory to practical. It was a brilliant experience! I looked forward to the weekly class with enthusiasm and eagerness. It was a privilege to be your student."
  • "Jason, you believe what you do and seem to live what you believe, it's been a privilege to be your student."
  • "I'm already seeing benefits with my clients. The coaching course gives practical techniques and underlying theory to apply to weight loss management. These techniques can also be applied to other life challenges too."
    Tamar - Manchester

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn on this course?


On this information packed course you will:

=Discover tools to decrease unhelpful eating habits and increase self care.

=Gain life coaching skills regarding how to ask good questions which increase motivation and foster positive change.

=Gain cognitive and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques to help clients identify and move towards overcoming psychological barriers to unbalanced eating, in particular anger, anxiety, low self esteem and limiting thoughts and sub-conscious beliefs regarding food and self.


By the end of the course, participants will:

=know which empowering questions will help identify challenges.

=have a greater understanding of the link between stress, anxiety and anger and unbalanced eating.

=have cognitive and NLP techniques to help clients move to overcoming their bad habits, emotional eating and unbalanced eating.

=know how to organise, run and evaluate their coaching sessions.


Taking care of your clients’ emotional lives will place you as a more rounded, better skilled professional, and in greater demand.

What does the course include?


The course consists of:


=Enjoyable and stimulating lectures and workshops

=Short home assignments between classes

=Unlimited email contact with your instructor between sessions

=Course handbook

=A supervised practicum during which you put into practice your new skills to help a volunteer client

=A certificate of course completion from The College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and CPD recognition from the General Hypnotherapy Register

How does the course work?


You can train:

=via Skype/phone (by yourself or with a friend) at a time convenient for you

=in person at a London or Watford group training


Each session is for approximately two hours in length and weekly. The course is approximately 23 hours contact teaching time.

What type of assignments will I be expected to do?


It is very important for you to personally experience the coaching and NLP techniques yourself before giving them to your clients! Assignments will normally each take about 30 minutes to complete.

Is the course difficult?


You will learn advanced ideas in a down to earth, straightforward and practically oriented way. You will be challenged and will need to think and integrate the knowledge you gain. This course is however not so much about brains but more about emotional intelligence and common sense. If you don’t understand something, just speak up and ask. There is no such thing as a silly question. If you have any special learning needs such as dyslexia or ADHD, please just let us know in advance. Together we can ensure you get the maximum possible benefit from the course.

Who teaches the course?


The course instructor is Jason Demant. Jason is a skilled clinical hypnotherapist, a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register. Jason is a certified Life Coach and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner. Jason sees private clients in Golders Green, London and in Watford, Hertfordshire. Jason teaches widely and is known for his dynamic and stimulating teaching style which will have you looking forward to your next class and excited to learn more.

When does the next course begin?


If you train by Skype/phone, you can start almost immediately with classes at times to suit your schedule, so get in touch today.

London trainings are held approximately every eight weeks. Places are limited, so get in touch to find out when the next training near you will commence and book your place. Why not let us know where you live, so we can setup a course close to you? Recommend a friend so that both of you get 10% off your trainings.

How much are course fees?


Course tuition fees are £399 for group training and £699 for individual training in person or by Skype/phone.

All students are expected to have paid at least £100 towards fees before starting a training course. Payment is by cheque, bank transfer or paypal.

What is included in the course content?


In the tabs below you find a detailed breakdown of the course content. Please ask any questions you may have about what is or is not included.

Course content - Modules 1-8



Module One


Creating good goals

Introduction to basic concepts of emotions and emotional wellbeing


Module Two

How to ask empowering questions which bring growth and results

The habits of naturally thin people

Ego and boundaries


Module Three

How to start your coaching sessions

Coaching techniques to use during your first client session

Techniques to identify what is holding a client back, such as fears and anxiety


Module Four

How to structure your coaching sessions Advanced coaching techniques for weight loss

The principles of NLP and an introduction to NLP Weight Loss techniques

How to wrap-up sessions with your client


Module Five

Examining and reformulating limiting thoughts using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Why and how self-esteem and happiness affect eating habits


Module Six

Key questions to ask a client to speed up change

Mapping your emotions: anger and anxiety, over-eating and compulsive behavior

In-class demonstration of techniques covered so far


Module Seven

Practical demonstrations of how to run your client sessions

Time management: Advanced techniques to use time better, becoming more effective and efficient

How to succeed with challenging clients


Module Eight

What is stress?

Why stress can cause binge eating and emotional eating

Techniques and tools for successful stress management

Course content - Modules 9-13



Module Nine

Basic and advanced NLP visualisations to change habits and perspective

Visualizations for improving body image and decreasing emotional eating

Client becomes their own coach: strategies for success long term


Module Ten

All the paperwork you will need:

Script for the initial phone call, coaching questionnaires, how to log client progress

Practicing techniques and questions


Module Eleven

Introduction to the coaching supervision process

Presentation by students about their first session with a practice client

Discussion and feedback


Module Twelve

Presentation by students about their second session with a practice client

Discussion and feedback


Module Thirteen

Presentation by students about their third session with a practice client

Discussion and feedback

Conclusion of course


Sometimes you need to change your mind before you can change your weight

This course will supercharge your skill set, giving you powerful psychological and practical tools to affect long term emotional and behavioural change.